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Getting close to the end of the R+F promotion!!


This is such an AMAZING product line and promotion!!!  You will never regret the money you spend on your skin!  This ends on September 30, 2016!  If interested give me a shout 😉

Freedom’s 1st participation in a photo shoot!!

FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender (5)

*** Disclaimer:  these are my photos from my phone that I took behind the scenes and played with – no affiliation with the photographer – her’s are much much better I’m sure!

So I was at dinner with my lovely friends and we started talking about their engagement shoot coming up in 2 weeks.  Out of the blue I asked if they wanted to use a horse in it, they clearly said yes and all the excitement started!  I was super excited and nervous because I haven’t been working with this boy nearly as much as I need to be and he’s never been to a beach before.  To be honest I hadn’t even been on him in a few months.  I took him to a friends place to ride and was super nervous to get on, but had some amazing support (thanks Chyan 😉 ) and we ended up having a great night.  He always amazes me!

A few days later we went to the shoot!  He acted up a tad and was more interested in eating grass than anything else.  But overall did very well!!!  No spook, no buck, no unforgivable actions and no falls!!  We were even able to get both of them up on him bareback and take some great shots!  I’m going to continue to work with him and get him familiar with new places so that we can maybe start coordinating with the photographer more on some of her shoots <3  I may even start doing some of my own photo shoots since I have always had a love for photography!  Who knows!  So if anyone knows people who might be interested send them my way 🙂

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