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Category: Skin Care

Lash Boost!!!


I am SOOOO excited for this product!!!  I love eye lashes and am always on the hunt for the best mascara – now I’ll have the goods to work with.  The best thing is there is no risk of an iris color change with this product, that is what’s always stopped me in the past.  Contact me if you’re interested in getting some 😉

Face masks with the moms


I was home visiting the moms and we were playing with my R+F face masks and like the adults we are just could not stop laughing at each other wearing these for some reason!  Gotta love some family time 🙂  And can’t beat these amazing products!!  Message me for details

Getting close to the end of the R+F promotion!!


This is such an AMAZING product line and promotion!!!  You will never regret the money you spend on your skin!  This ends on September 30, 2016!  If interested give me a shout 😉

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