***Disclaimer: if you don’t like lengthy, rambling, sarcastic, slightly inappropriate, potentially curse word filled, yet motivational, insightful, informational posts – this probably isn’t for you ūüėČ

Ahhh life….. ¬†Where does one even begin to try and explain, interpret or understand this thing called life. ¬†I am currently in quite the transitional phase of life – though I’ve learned pretty much every phase of life is going to be transitional. ¬†Despite all efforts for ‘normalcy’ life just does not stop throwing you curve balls; some you knock out of the park and others strike you out. ¬†Biggest lesson of my almost 29 years now – always be ready for the next pitch – it is undoubtedly coming.

I recently decided to leave a very affordable house that I put WAY too much effort (and money) into, leave my family (whom I love a lot – I can truly call each member a best friend), leave a very high paying area with a ton of opportunity to seek a different lifestyle. ¬†I was going through the motions without actually allowing myself to enjoy them. ¬†The only way I could explain it was suffocating. ¬†Leaving was devastating, but you can survive devastation. ¬†I was a nurse long enough to know you can’t survive most forms of suffocation – at least not without some sort of brain injury and trust me when I say the damage had begun. ¬†I think sometimes you’re in so deep that the only option that makes any sense is to hit a re-start button. ¬†So I did…

I’m now back to renting a room in a house, which I will admit is insanely difficult after owning your own home on 5 acres where you can do whatever the f*ck you want whenever the f*ck you want with YOUR house!!! ¬†Anddd now I have to ask permission of two people before anything can get done. ¬†It takes some adjusting… ¬†But I’m hoping in the long run will be a good lesson of some sort. ¬†My house is in escrow (fingers crossed it goes through!) and I am enjoying the option of being at the 70 degree beach in 20 mins as opposed to days on end of 100+ degree weather.

I have accepted that I am quite ADD when it comes to what I want in life… ¬†Frankly I want it ALL! ¬†And someone recently told me there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting it all – you just can’t allow yourself to be disappointed when you can’t HAVE it all. ¬†I’m still working through this concept.

I currently work in healthcare, but have quite frankly lost the passion that you need to sustain a successful career in healthcare (this is hard to both admit and accept, but true none the less). ¬†I am in the process of trying to discover where to go from here. ¬†What to do? ¬†How to change? ¬†What can I do? ¬†You get the point… ¬†All while still working two health care jobs (did I mention I moved to a ridiculously expensive place?)

A huge passion of mine (right now) are businesses that give back Рespecially ones regarding animal welfare and happiness.  The most prominent company I can think of that people will relate to is Toms.  I may own like 8 pairs of various styles, and I like knowing that 8 other people have shoes because I have great style.  So I am constantly on the hunt for other great companies who give back.  You can read about them here.  I may even start up my own one day?  Who knows

There are like 500 other things my over active brain would love to blab on about, but that’ll do for now. ¬†The point of a blog isn’t to spill it all at once, right?