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Fall skin care!


But seriously how cute is this pic a co-worker made?!?!?  The AMP MD roller is seriously AMAZING for resurfacing and rejuvenating skin!  Plus it lasts for up to a year!.  Why wait on this great product?!?  Start getting the results you deserve now 🙂

Face masks with the moms


I was home visiting the moms and we were playing with my R+F face masks and like the adults we are just could not stop laughing at each other wearing these for some reason!  Gotta love some family time 🙂  And can’t beat these amazing products!!  Message me for details

Getting close to the end of the R+F promotion!!


This is such an AMAZING product line and promotion!!!  You will never regret the money you spend on your skin!  This ends on September 30, 2016!  If interested give me a shout 😉

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