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Pup beach day!!


I was being mopey due to some always so fun male probs when the nice roommate came in and said, “Hey, let’s go to the dog beach”.  And so we did.  It was a gloomy day and you could literally feel the moisture in the air misting on you.  Despite being in a gloomy mood, a foggy beach always does good for the soul I think.  Not to mention the pups all had a blast (lab is not mine).  They LOVE to play with that ball!!!  And I learned I have no throwing stamina in my arm, I’ve never done anything that required repetitive throwing motions and I am pathetically sore today haha – but it was well worth it

Beach life :)


Love love love love love love love love love beach days!!  Especially when in good company and with someone who can finally inflate the Lay Bag you spent $90 bucks on and couldn’t get to work lol.  He looked much better inflating this than I did haha – the running around with a long condom looking bag trailing behind you was probably not the most attractive or efficient way to go about it 😉


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