Hello!  Welcome to a peak into my world.  I’m not sure what all this site will end up entailing – I like to consider myself a jack of all trades, master of none.  I recently uprooted my life to move close to a little beach town that I LOVE and took my 7 animals with me!  3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 horses – their story is posted in the pride section!



My initial reason for starting this blog was to post about life, animals, etc.  I am learning more and more about myself daily and am finding that sometimes you need to just go out and do what you’re passionate about.  For me it would probably be rescuing and loving animals.  There is just something so special about it.  Pearl was my first horse and she has taught me more about myself, and understanding another creature than any other animal I’ve had.  I had to work for her trust, and I honestly did not get it until the moment she broke me down.  I literally walked away from her, sat on the ground and started to well up in tears.  It was at that moment she dropped her head, walked over to me, and nudged my face.  Cue water facets for eyes.  More stories to come…

Having been an animal lover my whole life, and being surrounded by other animal loves, I don’t think there is a certain or particular way to love them.  You just do it.  That’s what matters.  One thing that drives me crazy is how every horseman (or woman) thinks their way is the right way.  Hence my ‘Ride Free’ motto – free from the opinions of others (it also ties in with Freedom’s name 😉 ).  The ‘Ride Proud’ theme is for Pearl…  I was so scared and not confident and felt like I was being judged when I first started – it was terrifying!!!  Once I let that go and said ya know what, I will ride proud either way because I am out here doing this and making it happen and who cares what other people think; I started enjoying it so much more and we actually became so much better as a team because I had confidence.  I’m not sure I knew what I had confidence in, but it was there.

Tid bits  about me.  I work in healthcare so some posts may be in regards to that.   I currently work in Emergency Medicine because I can’t seem to kick the need for some excitement in my life.

I LOVE philosophy and being introspective.  My parents can attest for my constant ‘why’ even since childhood.  This may lead to a variety of topics, thoughts, life questions, etc.  Just don’t judge please, I prefer to keep this a hate free zone.  There is enough BS to deal with in the world.

Lastly, I may be looking to start up other fun and interesting business adventures so I’m always open to ideas and suggestions!  And be on the look out for whatever may come up 😉